FAQs, General Information and Policies


Q. How much ashes are needed for a Memorial piece of Jewelry or keepsake?

A. Approx 1 teaspoon for each Jewelry piece and 2 teaspoons for most keepsakes but dependent on size. 


Q. How much breastmilk is needed for a piece of Jewelry?

A.10ML is preferred but if supply is very limited, I can work with 5 ML.


Q. How do I send my inclusion to you?

A. I ask that you send your inclusion (ashes, breastmilk, hair, or other) to me (I will provide you address) with tracking (priority shipping preferred to limit time in transit and prevent any loss during shipping)


Q. How long does it take to create my custom piece?

A. I strive to provide a quick turnaround time. Most orders are completed within 2-3 weeks of receiving your inclusion. In rare circumstances (during vacations or very busy times) it could be a little bit longer but I will communicate early on if it would be longer as all items are made by me. I ship priority mail (2-3 day delivery) with tracking to help ensure your item gets to you safely. In the rare occasion I do not have your ring size or setting in stock I will order right away but this can add 4-6 weeks to delivery. In this event I will message you as soon as possible to make you aware. If you would like to confirm prior to ordering that I have your size available please message me or email.


To prolong the life of your Never Forgotten pieces, please consider the following. 

  1. All Never Forgotten jewelry and keepsakes are made with resin which is a soft material and can scratch easily. Keep away from sharp objects.
  2. Remove jewelry before showering, swimming and working out. 
  3. Remove jewelry before applying any lotion, perfume, cologne or any oils to the skin.
  4. Keep away from harsh chemicals (especially acetone or alcohol based) as well as extreme heat.
  5. Overexposure to sun can alter the color of resin, please avoid exposure to Sun or tanning beds.
  6. Store in a dark and cool place.
  7. To wash/brighten jewelry use a soft polishing rag, warm water and a gentle dish soap.


  • NEVER send the last of any precious items!
  • If possible, send enough of your precious item to make multiple keepsakes.
  • The amount you send, will determine how much is included in your custom piece.
  • Due to the creation process, I only have some control over the look of the finished product. Cremation ashes vary in color and no two creations will be identical. 
  • You will receive an email after ordering instructing where to ship inclusions.
  • No refunds or exchanges on keepsakes or custom jewelry.

If there are any issues with your piece, please contact me directly so we can work to resolve them. Email: neverforgotten1977@hotmail.com


  • Cremation Ashes
  • Breastmilk
  • Lock of hair from baby’s first haircut
  • Fur from pet
  • Dirt, sand or pebbles from first home
  • Dirt, sand or pebbles from place first met loved one
  • Favorite camp spot
  • Fishing spot
  • Wedding flowers
  • Funeral flowers
  • Pieces from broken jewelry
  • Birth stone colors
  • clippings or thread from special clothing

For other ideas or questions please email Laura at Neverforgotten1977@hotmail.com. We can talk through other ideas or options.