Collection: Memorial Keepsakes (made with Cremation ashes or hair)

Each item is made with your loved one's cremation ashes or hair and handled with care by me personally. I promise to treat your loved one with love and care while they are with me. 


Once purchased, we will discuss your requests for color and any customizations. Upon purchase you will mail your ashes with tracking (which you will send to me) and I will let you know as soon as they arrive. Creation time is 1-3 weeks. Completed orders will be mailed to you with USPS Priority Mail, and tracking will be provided.

Please know your loved one will be treated with the upmost respect and love during their time with me. I created this company after my brother passed away and I went through this process to find pieces for my family. I will treat your loved one the same as I would want mine cared for. Any remained ashes not used will also be returned to you with your finished pieces. Most pieces only require about 1-2 teaspoon of ashes.